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words you need in schools and universities

hello! welcome back to schools and unis! it’s not really fun to get back! but well we should! school:                      madraseh   مدرسة university:                  jemaa   جامعة student:                     telmiz (for man) / telmizeh (for woman)   تلميز/ تلميزة teacher:                     estez

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last day of august

hello again and again, in the last day of august; we are feeling down.. September will come tomorrow and it’s cool but what about winter? September will announce winter.. and seriously winter!! bah.. i will keep on going to the beach till October.. i’ll skip work only to get the last touch of sun before disappearing behind winter and storms..  i dream of a country where t shirts and flip flops are only what i need.. i allowed just one or 2 rainy days in a

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Lame Saturday night

well, here i am sitting home on a Saturday night and i don’t know why… join me if you’re doing the same.. my next video will be about families and how do we call each other in the Lebanese dialect… i have nothing to tell you, im just here saying nonsense… im sorry if you think what you’re reading is lame… before i go i will say ramadan karim to all the friends! the iid is here.. enjoy

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count to 10 in the lebanese dialect

1: wahad   واحد 2: tnen     تنين 3: tlete     تلاتا 4: arbaa   اربعا 5: khamseh   خمسه 6: setteh   ستّه 7: sabaa  سبعه 8: tmeneh   تمانه 9: tesaa   تسعه 10: aachra   عشره P.S: watch my lesson number 4, it’s about numbers 🙂 If you like this post, please don’t forget to like or share 🙂 Tweet And if you would like to subscribe to my channel,

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back to Feyrouz :) (adaych kan fi nas)

hello there, how are you? for the end of week end, i pick a part Feyrouz’s song to translate to you…what to choose?…  ADAYCH KAN FI NAS             أديش كان في ناس– addaych kan fi nas aal mafra’ tontor nas:     how many people at the street were waiting for other people – w tchati el deni:       and it rains – w yehmlou chamsiyi:       and carrying

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