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What to do in beyrouth on a Saturday night

kifkoun? (how are you?) need ideas on what to do in beyrouth on a Saturday night? i will give you some! it’s still cold so you can always enjoy the weather with some cheese and wine soiree at a friend’s a inexpensive way to have fun.. in beyrouth for a short term and don’t want to be stuck in home you say? Ok.. go to Hamra or Gemayze or Monot for some drinks! Hamra, Gemayze and Monot are all names of

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Final storm

today the weather channel said that tomorrow there’s a storm coming, a new one! it was a non stop rainy winter! weird! usually the sun visits Lebanon more often then this year… storm, clouds, rain and home…  i’ll boil some green tea, put on my jacket, go to the garden and pick a few mint leaves, add them to my tea… i like to watch them while moving faster and faster while boiling, their greenness remind me that spring is coming in

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Welcome to Lebanese Arabic Blog

on a winter day, a blog has been created… here it’s about marhaba and ahla w sahla, means hello and welcome! heard about my country? do you want to speak Lebanese? do you want to walk around the streets of Lebanon, chat with the locals in my language? then yes stay with me, learn some stuff then pack your new words and come here! so friends, you are welcome to my blog 🙂 If you

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