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Hiba: Hello, Marhaba, Keefkoun? Since it’s Christmas, I’ve decided to reply to some of your questions as a favor. Thank you for all your good reviews for the book, subscribing, and the comments. Shukran. Let’s start with how to say “it’s cloudy”.


  • One cloud: ghaimeh (غيمة)
  • Clouds, plural: ghaim (غيم)
  • It’s cloudy: mghaimeh (مغيمة)
  • Example: “Today the weather is cloudy” (اليوم التأس مغيم – al-yawm al-ta’as mghaimeh)


  • Dark: عتم (atm)
  • It’s getting dark: 3am bet3atem (عم بتعتم), 3am biseer 3atem (عم بصير عتم)
  • Outside: “Oh, it’s dark outside” – ma3atme barra (معتمة برا)


  • So-so: ya3neh (يعني) or hek w hek (هيك وهيك)
  • Example: “How are you today? So-so” – كيفك اليوم? يعني or هيك وهيك (Keefak al-yawm? ya3neh or hek w hek)

More or Less

  • More or less: تقريبا (ta2riban), ya3ne (يعني), or hek w hek (هيك وهيك)
  • Exact word: “ta2riban” (تقريبا)


  • Easily: bi suhooleh (بسهولة)
  • In fusha: bi suhoola (بسهولة)


  • Hardly: bi su3oobeh (بصعوبة)
  • In fusha: bi su3ooba (بصعوبة)


  • Obviously: min al wade7 (من الواضح)
  • In fus-ha: min al wade7 (من الواضح)


  • Suddenly: فجأة (faj2a)
  • Example: “Suddenly I fell” – w faj2a wa2a3et (وفجأة وقعت) or faj2atan wa2a3et (فجأتان وقعت)

Turn On/Off

  • Turn on: Dawwir (دور)
  • Example: “I want to turn on the TV” – ana badde dawwir l television (أنا بدي دور التلفزيون)
  • Turn off: Taffeh (طفي)
  • Example: “I want to turn off the light” – ana badde taffeh l daw (أنا بدي طفي الضوء)

P.S. on ‘Turn On’

  • Mechanical: Dawwir (دور)
  • Light: dawweh (دويه) from “Daw” (ضوء)

Send a Text Message

  • Send me: ‘b3atleh’ (man), ‘b3atileh’ (woman), ‘b3atooleh’ (group)
  • Example: “I’ll send you a text message” – ana rah eb3atlak (man), eb3atlik (woman), eb3atlkoun (group) messaj or message
  • Send back: “I want to send you back a message” – أنا رح ردّلكن message (Ana rah raddlakun message)

Closing Remarks

This was my lesson to you. From now on, if you want something for me to reply to, I will take more care about the comment section. Just write a comment, and I will happily choose 2 or 3 of your comments and try to reply as soon as possible. Thank you, guys, and have a beautiful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Love, Love. ينعاد عليكم (Yin3ad 3laykum).


EnglishLebanese (Latin Letters)Lebanese (Arabic Alphabet)
One cloudghaimehغيمة
Clouds (plural)ghaimغيم
It’s getting dark3am bet3atem / 3am biseer 3atemعم بتعتم / عم بصير عتم
Outside (dark)ma3atme barraمعتمة برا
So-soya3neh / hek w hekيعني / هيك وهيك
More or lessta2ribanتقريبا
Easilybi suhoolehبسهولة
Hardlybi su3oobehبصعوبة
Obviouslymin al wade7من الواضح
Turn onDawwirدور
Turn offTaffehطفي
Send me a text messageb3atleh / b3atileh / b3atoolehبعتله / بعتيله / بعتوله
I’ll send you a text messageana rah eb3atlak / eb3atlik / eb3atlkounأنا رح بعتلك / بعتليك / بعتلكون

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  1. Hello Hiba. Hope you are good. I'm from Antioch, Turkey, where is not too far away from you 🙂 First of all, thank you for doing those very useful videos. What a outstanding performance! I watched those 55 videos just in 3 days and in one breath. I admired the way you teach, it is very natural and very effective. I would like to ask a question about your book. How can I get your book ? İt is not sold here in my country and if I order it from Amazon, the shipping will be cost too much, which is double of its price, and also it will take a long time to reach me. So, can I get it electronically ? Please, helpe me about that. By the way, congratulations for your book. I'm waiting your new videos as everyone 🙂 May god bless you. Greetings from Antioch. I look forward to hearing from you

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