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Conversation 1 : Airport (from Lesson 2)

Hello guys, A lot of people have asked me to do conversational videos around the lessons, because it will be much easier to understand the concepts once they are put in context. Therefore, I will be making conversation videos around all of my previous lessons. This one is about Lesson 2, at the airport in Beirut. Let me know what you think. Check out the related lesson video If you like the video, please don’t

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Lebanese Lesson 2 (Airport)

Transcript: Hi again and welcome to the lesson number 2. Today we’re going to learn all about the travel. So you are in the airport of Lebanon: “Welcome to Lebanon” Welcome ahla w sahla Lebanon lebnein Welcome to Lebanon Ahla w sahla b lebnen Your baggage is late. “Excuse me, my baggage is late.” Excuse me aafwan or simply use “sorry” because everyone uses “sorry”. My baggage shenateh or ghradeh shenateh or ghradeh means my

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