Thumbnail showing a part of the map of Beirut, with the title 'Tour in Hamra' written in Red

Tour in Hamra Street, Beirut

Hamra is one of the most famous streets in Lebanon, where you can find almost everything; Restaurants, bars, coffeeshops, clothing ...
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In this image, Hiba Najem is lying on a yellow hammock, wearing a hat and sunglasses

Lebanese Beach

In this video I will be showing you around a beach resort in Jiyeh, Lebanon (south of Beirut).I hope you ...
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A New tour in My Lebanese Neighborhood

This is another video of my neighborhood in Beirut, Lebanon. The first video was dark, and you couldn't see much ...
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Tour In Sassine Square, Ashrafieh – Beirut

I'll take you around Sassine Square in this video, and show you one of the most prominent areas in Beirut ...
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Tour in Taanayel, Bekaa Valley

Hello everyone! If you watched my previous video, you would know I was about to publish a tour video in ...
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