shish tawouk شيش طاووق

i was starving so i ate “tawouk'” sandwich:

tawouk means chicken in Turkish and shish means the stick where you stuff your barbecue. 
tawouk is very famous here and very delicious! traditionally it came from turkey i guess and you can find it in the Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptians and iraqi cuisine..we eat it with garlic in a sandwich or a platter with fries.. yummy! of course you can switch garlic to Hommous not to have bad breath…

when you love garlic like me, and u tried after eating to brush your teeth and have a gum but seriously garlic wont leave easily, try this: take mint or basil leaves rub it to your teeth and then eat them.. you’ll have good results.. and because you’ll be stuffed you can always boil some mint leaves it will relax your stomach.. 🙂

-cuisine: matbakh   مطبخ
-garlic: toum   توم
-mint: naanaa  نعنع
-basil: haba’  حبق
-barbecue: macheweh  مشاوي

P.S: if you want to know more about garlic benefits check this link:

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