kids poems (the translation)

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man yarhamouni?                               who have mercy on me?
من يرحمني                      


-sara himaron wosta al hara:           a donkey walked into the neigberhood
سار حمار وسط الحارة       

-sadafa fawka al jesri himara           he bumped into a lady donkey above the bridge
صادف فوق الجسر دمارة  

-kalat himlouka dakhmon jeddan    she said your burden is very heavy 
قالت حملك ضخم جدّا 

– kal laha: ahen ya jara                      he told her: oh my neighbour
قال لها آه يا جارة

-man yarhamouni                                who have mercy on me?
من يلرحمني

hemli talzamouhou sayara bal tayara      my burden needs a car and even a plane to be 
حملي تلزمه سيارة بل طيارة       

now the second poem…

– taatari bil def’i                                       let warmth be your perfume 
تعطري بالدفء

-ya sanabila al zahab                             oh golden wheat 
يا سنابل الذهب

-fa mawiidou al hasadi hana                 here comes the harvest
فموعد الحصاد حان

-hana wa iktarab                                    it is near 
حان و اقترب

-wal chamsou fawka aarchiha             and the sun is on her throne
والشمس فوق عرشها

-touwazioou al harara                          distributing temperature
توزع الحرارة

-wa tamlaou al houkoula                     and filling the fields
و تملاء الحقول

-bil khayri wal bichara                        with goodness and good news
بالخير و البشارة

-ya marhaban bil dayf                       welcome oh guest
يا مرحبا بالضيف

-kad ja’a faslou al sayf                     here comes the summer
قد جاء فصل الصيف                            

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3 thoughts to “kids poems (the translation)”

  1. no of course i don't mind, it's not my poem so everybody is free to use it 🙂
    your Arabic is very good! you can also post your video as a video response on my kids poem video!

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